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Michael’s Story

Michael is not only a health guru. He also has a proven track record of successfully overseeing multiple businesses simultaneously. As president of Nova Music Productions, Inc., Michael was featured in the New York Times as a pioneer in offering multiple services to independent artists in the music industry. Educating clients to “do it yourself”, Michael followed his own advice with the groundbreaking music and film multimedia project, “X: The Human Condition”.


With no previous film industry experience, he fully funded, wrote, directed and co-edited the film portion of the multimedia project, while composing and co-producing the music, with the intention of making a difference through his work. To date, all profits from the project have been donated to charity.


The genesis of “X: The Human Condition” could be traced back to the success of working with artists at Nova Music. Because of the popularity of Nova Music, Michael created Nova Disc, a division of the corporation that would focus on offering services to businesses exclusively. Over the years, Nova Disc’s clients grew to include NASA, MTV,  American Express, Google, L’Oreal Cosmetics, Halston, Diesel, Steinway Pianos, Palm Pictures, The United Way, and Grey Advertising among others.


Because the business was doing well, Michael found a calling to give back to the community. He co-founded Metrofly,  a non-profit organization that hosted fundraising events for notable charities including The Make A Wish Foundation, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital , Care Tsunami Relief Efforts, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, NY Cares and many more.


Shortly thereafter, he began work on  the multimedia project, “X: The Human Condition.” During production, Michael lost his sight due to illness, but manifested a miraculous recovery, and is now driven to tell his story, so that others will gain inspiration from the experience. Now, as a speaker, Michael shares his story to encourage others to overcome challenges in life, focusing on the beliefs and behaviors that lead to lasting change both in ourselves and in the world…


The music of “X: The Human Condition” is currently featured in retail chains, bars and restaurants nationwide, and has been featured on board Continental Airlines, in rotation on many worldwide online radio stations, and on over 100 U.S. college radio stations. Michael’s music group, X: THC has also composed the theme song for the TV series, Las Trampas Del Deseo.


X: The Human Condition, also known as “little indie project that could” has received rave reviews globally, from as far as Australia, Poland, Brazil, Greece, Russia, Portugal, Albania, Hungary, Turkey, Latvia, Italy, Argentina, The UK, Germany, The Virgin Islands, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, and Japan.


Michael has been interviewed on, Y Mag Australia, The New York Times, Gig magazine, and many international podcasts.


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