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The Worst Of The Internet Award


When you entrust your health to a company, you might expect them to take that seriously. Health is not something that can be brushed off or ignored, yet that’s exactly what some “health” companies do.

One such company is called Supplement Warehouse, the very first winner of our “worst of the internet” award.

On their website it states…“Do you know who you are doing business with? Does your online health food store have a posted physical address (not a PO Box) and posted phone number on their contact page? is a legitimate business serving customers since 1996. Call us during business hours and talk to REAL people!”

“Legitimate” may be left to interpretation. Well, unfortunately I didn’t “know who I was doing business with”. Had I known, I would have never given them my money. But now you can learn from my mistake.

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Tips for Managing Your Weight on Vacation

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I’d like to welcome Cole Millen as a guest writer here. This is his first article on a healthy eating habits diet. – Michael

We’ve all been there. We’ve gone on a diet and been so very virtuous, losing a few pounds or even a significant amount of weight, when suddenly, terror strikes. We realize it’s almost time for vacation. Now, for most people, looking forward to a vacation is a joyful, stress-free time, but for those of us who struggle with our weight, it can bring about absolute fear as we say to ourselves “what am I going to eat while I’m there?”

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Is Sugar Toxic?

sugarCBS news featured an interesting story on their popular TV news show, “60 Minutes” this past week.
For CBS news and 60 Minutes, Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviewed top scientists from across the U.S. In this video, they clearly linked eating sugar to diseases such as stroke, heart attack, type II diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

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What Is Organic Food? Common questions and answers.

What is organic food anyway? And what’s the big deal?


Here’s a brief overview, with some excerpts taken from the forthcoming 2012 book I have been writing on organic food. Though some of you more advanced readers may know some of this already, bear with me, because you might find something here that you did not know…


The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 90% of all fungicides (which kills mold), 60% of all herbicides (which kills weeds), and 30% of all insecticides (which kills insects) are potentially cancer causing.

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Saving Time With Frozen Veggies And Fruits


While eating healthy is important, not all of us have the time to spend on daily washing, chopping and cooking food.


That’s where time savers become essential. Let me clue you into a few things that will save you time on eating healthy.


Have you wondered if frozen foods can be as healthy as fresh? Are frozen veggies nearly as healthy?

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Don’t let the health care industry get a hold of you because they will never let go

Before my mother passed away from heart disease, she said something that stuck with me, while surrounded by bottles of prescription drugs– “Don’t let the health care industry get a hold of you because they will never let go.”


Reading today’s news, and speaking to my clients, I see this happening more and more every day. Listen, over 106,000 people die every year from “normal, expected side effects” from prescription drugs.

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Why Exercise? How Newton’s Laws Of Physics Can Help Us Understand

There are a lot of great reasons to exercise. I’ll get to our good buddy on the left in a moment, but first the obvious benefits…


Exercise helps you with managing your weight. For obvious reasons, you burn calories as you move, so even a little bit can help.


It also raises HDL (good cholesterol) in the body, and at the same time actually lowers LDL (bad cholesterol). This nice mix decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

I’ve been thinking about this lately — there’s something about old sayings.


Regardless of how cheesy they seem, if they didn’t have any validity to them, they wouldn’t continue to live on after hundreds of years. If they were just old wives tales that were obsolete, they’d have disappeared from modern culture, yet they persist, which leads me to believe that they have merit.

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