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Healthy Eating Habits Diet Primer

Why Healthy Eating Habits?


Why don’t 95% of diets work?  Why do people gain more weight after dieting, causing a “bigger” problem than it was originally?


When you diet, your metabolism slows down. Your body has a mind of its own. It wants to protect you, so not understanding what you want to do, it thinks for itself. The deprivation mode you go into causes your body to stop burning calories. It thinks you are in starvation mode, so it protects what you already have. Everything slows down and you are left at square one. Counting calories does work, but it has to be gradual and bit by bit. This is what’s important about a healthy eating habits diet.


Stress is a major contributor to weight gain as well. Reaching for comfort food during a stressful time is typical, but what if you could replace those old comfort foods with new “good for you” comfort foods, and create a healthy eating habits diet for yourself?


In order to lose weight, and get on the road to healthy eating, you need to change your lifestyle– what you eat and the way you eat.


Healthy eating habits begin with substituting fresh or frozen fruits for sweet cakes, cookies and candy as the first step. Fruits also contain the fiber you need to have regular bowel movements, allowing your body to eliminate waste and excess fat.


As a substitute for the “white stuff”, go brown. The white foods spike your blood sugar and cause you to gain extra fat.


Begin to read food labels and learn what they mean. Always choose the brand with the least sugar, carbs and fat. Just by making the right brand choices, with healthy eating, you can improve your diet by 50% or more.


Instead of white rice, white pasta, white bread, and white flour (CAKES and COOKIES), go with brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole grains and natural treats. Roast a potato instead of oily french fries.


Make sure you have vegetables with at least two meals per day.  With vegetables, you can maintain healthy weight because they are filling and naturally low in calories.


Drinking water with a little 100% pure juice mixed in is tasty and much better for you than sugar-laden sodas. If you really need the fizz, add in some carbonated water, so you have a homemade soda with almost no sugar. I suggest 80% water, 10% juice and 10% carbonated water. If you need more, add a bit more till you feel comfortable with it.


Water is very important because like vegetables, it also fills you up, suppressing your appetite naturally and helps your body metabolize stored fat. Drinking more water can actually reduce fat deposits, and drinking less water increases fat deposits, so drink up!


Just by making these simple changes, and watching your portion intake, you’ll begin to see changes in your weight. It’s important to eat smaller portions for calorie counting, but you don’t want to eat too  little so that you become hungry a few minutes later! BALANCE in your healthy eating habits is key.


Start noticing all the substitutions you can make to generate healthy eating habits. Once you start substituting, you’ll get used to it, and not want to go back. Once I made the move, I never looked back, and if I ever get a craving for the old stuff, I just have some fruit or natural goodies, and find myself satisfied.


We’ll get into more specifics soon…


Change your health, change your life,

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