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Don’t let the health care industry get a hold of you because they will never let go

Before my mother passed away from heart disease, she said something that stuck with me, while surrounded by bottles of prescription drugs– “Don’t let the health care industry get a hold of you because they will never let go.”


Reading today’s news, and speaking to my clients, I see this happening more and more every day. Listen, over 106,000 people die every year from “normal, expected side effects” from prescription drugs. People are getting sick, and sicker and putting their fate into the hands of their doctors. Sometimes this is warranted, and the doctors do a great job healing their patients. Sometimes it’s like my mom said– they getcha’ and  don’t let go.


I credit my friend, Richard Hart for steering me in the right direction. As a lay person, I have taken medical education into my own hands. I have become an expert on my specific medical condition. I treat myself, but I still take the advice of my doctors and go to see them from time to time for checkups, to make sure I am still doing well. I go for bloodwork every 3 months to see how my numbers are looking, and tweak my diet, nutrition and exercise habits to what I have learned are their optimal levels. This is all for prevention. Because I don’t want to become a statistic of those caught in the health care web.


We all need to become experts about our own bodies. This is the new millenium when information is available at our fingertips. We no longer need to rely on doctors implicity. They are human. They make mistakes. I can’t tell you how many times I have had clients tell me that their doctor prescribed XYZ, and when they got a second opinion, the second doctor told them, “STOP taking this. It’s not good for your condition”!


I myself was misdiagnosed, and had I not gotten a second opinion on the day that I did, I would be blind today.


Take control of your own health because no one cares about you as much as you.


Change your health, change your life,

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